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Start small, dream big. Step-by-step we assist your business in growing by setting up a digital cloud-based platform for all your business processes. Manage your sales, invoicing, inventory, e-commerce and much more - Whenever and wherever you are.

Our Core  
Odoo in 95 seconds 



Kubudoo brings Enterprise Resource Planning to Everyone. It is our scalable ERP solution for Small and Medium-sized Enterprises. After our UAT, we strive to a solution which gives you complete satisfaction.


Odoo is Kubudoo's core tool. Odoo is an Open Source ERP and CRM cloud software and offers solutions in areas such as invoicing, sales, accounting, stock and so much more.


Start small, dream big. With Odoo's modular system, you can start with just a website and an invoicing system and add more modules later on. We scale and follow your organization's growth.

Day 1

First Intro & Aligning Customer Needs

Day 5

Design Personal Product & Quote

Day 15

Install Basic Odoo Environment & Setup Company Settings

Day 30

User Acceptance Testing & Q&A Session

Day 45

Your Kubudoo Product is Live!

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